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Fire Force TV Anime Casts Daisuke Sakaguchi as Victor (2019-02-19 04:27:28)
Genius researcher on human combustion, with mysterious link to Joker
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Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 11-17 (2019-02-19 04:02:00)
My Hero Academia movie sells 7,387 + 1,943, followed by Mr. Osomatsu event, live-action Zero show, live-action Real Girl film, My Hero Academia show
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Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 11-17 (2019-02-19 03:34:07)
My Hero Academia movie sells 10,603 + 1,279, followed by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Mr. Osomatsu event, live-action Real Girl film, live-action Zero show
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Some of the 13th Annual Seiyū Awards Winners Announced (2019-02-19 02:33:40)
Pop Team Epic, Kappei Yamaguchi, Mika Kanai, Kenichi Ogata, Hisako Kyouda win awards
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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Show Premieres on March 2 (2019-02-19 01:32:00)
The official Twitter account for the Power Rangers franchise announced last Friday that Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the upcoming 26th season of Power...
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Johnny's Talent Agency Produces Its 1st Virtual Idols (2019-02-19 01:02:00)
Naniwa Danshi's Jōichirō Fujiwara, Kazuya Ōhashi voice new characters
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Sony to Halt PS Vita Production in Japan 'Soon' (2019-02-19 00:32:00)
SIE previously announced that production will halt this year
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City Hunter Film Drops to #5, Code Geass to #6 (2019-02-19 00:02:00)
2nd Psycho-Pass SS film opens at #11
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Japanese Government Expands Scope of Proposed Copyright Law Reforms (2019-02-18 21:20:00)
New proposal would ban screenshots of pirated media
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Rozen Maiden 0 Manga Ends Next Month (2019-02-18 20:20:00)
Peach-Pit launched manga in 2016
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