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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime Gets 2 New Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Video Anime (2019-08-18 12:20:01)
Screenings of "Zange-shitsu," "The Run" start on December 8
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A3! Anime's Promo Reveals Winter/Summer 2020 Airing, More Cast, More Staff (2019-08-18 05:56:21)
Kaori Nazuka joins cast, Masayoshi Ōishi produces opening
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Haikyu!! Anime Gets 2-Episode Original Video Anime for Tokyo Qualifiers (2019-08-18 04:17:02)
Advance sales offered at Jump Festa before January 22 retail release
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Haikyu!! Anime Season 4 Reveals New Cast Member, January 2020 Debut, Designs (2019-08-18 03:53:37)
Kazuyuki Okitsu cast as Suguru Daishō
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Sazae-san Anime Celebrates 50 Years With 3.5-Hour Anime/Live-Action Special (2019-08-18 01:45:33)
Anime segment to show Sazae's family past, live-action segment to show their future in 20 years
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WAVE!! Surfing Project's Game to Be a Smartphone App (2019-08-17 12:25:00)
Anime still in the works; official Nippon Surfing Association song announced
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Aikatsu on Parade! TV Anime to Unite Previous Shows' Idols (2019-08-17 11:45:56)
Anime premieres on October 5 with Rin Aira as new student Raki Kiseki
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Grandia, Grandia II HD Remasters Launch for PC in September (2019-08-17 01:02:00)

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Oninaki Game's New Gameplay Video Highlights Aisha (2019-08-17 00:02:00)
PS4/Switch/PC game launches on August 22 in N. America, Europe, Japan
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French Live-Action City Hunter Film to Open in Japan in November (2019-08-16 20:50:39)
Nicky Larson film to be titled City Hunter the Movie: Shijō Saikō no Mission in Japan
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