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Why Nobody Remembers My World? Anime Streams 3rd Character Video (2024-05-22 13:00:00)
Video features Jeanne, voiced by Haruka Shiraishi
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Live-Action Drops of God Series Gets 2nd Season (2024-05-22 12:50:02)
Cast, staff return for new season on Apple TV+
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Digimon Adventure Anime Gets New Promo Video for 25th Anniversary (2024-05-22 12:13:09)
Video to get advanced screening at 25th anniversary exhibit on August 9
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Mechanical Buddy Universe 1.0, 2 More Manga Added to Manga UP! Global (2024-05-22 11:00:00)
Also: Sabikui Bisco 2, The Commander Sorcerer's Contract Marriage
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Voice Actor Tōru Furuya No Longer Appearing at MomoCon 2024 Following News of His 4-Year Affair With Fan (2024-05-22 10:43:03)
Furuya acknowledged threatening to hurt fan in argument, causing her to have abortion
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Najimi's Girls' Fist!!!! GT Rock Band Manga Gets Short Anime on YouTube (2024-05-22 09:53:35)
Episode 1 premieres on Wednesday
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Gundam Voice Actor Tōru Furuya Admits to 4-Year Affair With Fan (2024-05-22 00:31:03)
Furuya acknowledged threatening to hurt fan in argument, causing her to have abortion
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Hollywood Reporter: Adam Wingard Will Not Return for Next Godzilla x Kong Film (2024-05-21 22:10:54)
Writer-director parts amicably due to 'timing issues'
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Live-Action 1122: For a Happy Marriage Show's Trailer Reveals Theme Song (2024-05-21 21:19:52)
Spitz performs 'i-O(Shūri no Uta)' for series premiering on June 14
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New Live-Action Black Jack Show Casts Yuno Nagao as Pinoko (2024-05-21 21:14:44)
Nagao plays Black Jack's assistant
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