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Aoi Kubo Performs 'Deji' Meets Girl Anime's Theme Song (2021-09-17 16:35:00)
Lyric video streamed for theme song
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Aya Uchida Performs Ending Theme Song for Let's Make a Mug Too Anime's 2nd Season (2021-09-17 15:30:00)
Anime premieres early online on September 25
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Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, Cast, Theme Songs, October 12 Premiere (2021-09-17 14:25:00)
Deep Insanity: Asylum game debuts on October 14
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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Series Gets Movie (2021-09-17 13:43:00)
2nd season's final episode aired on Saturday
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My Senpai Is Annoying TV Anime Reveals 4 Cast Members (2021-09-17 13:00:00)
Akio Ohtsuka, Yutaka Aoyama, Yuta Odagaki, Takayuki Kondō
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The Case Study of Vanitas Anime's 2nd Part Premieres in January 2022 (2021-09-17 12:12:00)
Rie Kugimiya joins cast as Chloe
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NisiOisin, Posuka Demizu Collaborate for 1-Shot Sequel for Hirohiko Araki's Mashōnen B.T. Manga (2021-09-17 11:13:30)
51-page full-color 1-shot sequel of Jojo's creator's first serialized manga debuts on October 19
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Kochikame Manga Gets 4-Page 1-Shot Chapter on September 27 (2021-09-17 11:07:38)
1-shot celebrates 201st volume debuting on October 4
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Radwimps Band's Guitarist Akira Kuwahara Goes on Hiatus (2021-09-17 11:03:58)
Remaining band members acknowledge report of extramarital affair
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Live-Action Bungō Stray Dogs: Beast Film's English-Subtitled Teaser Unveils More Cast, Staff, January 7 Debut (2021-09-17 07:04:24)
Film of what-if role-reversal story reunites several cast members from stage plays
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